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psychiatrists serving juneau

David Robinson, MD, MPH | Alaska Psychiatric Concepts


Accepting new patients? Accepting new patients gradually in outpatient private practice model.

Serves: I am a Board Certified in Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry. I offer thoroughly individualized psychiatric evaluation and treatment plans for children, adolescents, and adults, including telemedicine.

Specialties: Emphasis on Integrated care in a flexible format including:

  • Pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy for mood (major depression, bipolar disorder, et al.) and anxiety disorders;

  • Pharmacotherapy and cognitive or behavioral therapies for disruptive behavior disorders

  • Psychodynamically-oriented psychotherapy for personality disorders and other conditions

  • Diagnosis and treatment of various genetic or developmental neuropsychiatric disorders including autistic spectrum disorders, Fragile X syndrome and the neurofibromatoses

  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and attachment disorders

  • Family Therapy components

  • Parenting Skills

Specializes in serving Veterans? I serve Veterans but am not processing CHAMPUS or VA insurance. Some veterans have been able to arrange their own reimbursement although generally that is complicated.

Offers substance use recovery services? I offer Medication-assisted Treatment of Opioid Dependence by referral in conjunction with psychosocial treatment and support programs.

Modalities and training: Play therapy; Behavior therapy; Cognitive therapy; Dialectical Behavior therapy; Psychodynamic psychotherapy; Chronotherapy and Interpersonal Social Rhythm Therapy; Dream work.

Insurance and payment details:

  • I do not bill private insurance. Most plans cover 50% or more after claims are filed, but the patient or responsible party must arrange any pre-authorization required for the service, pay the doctor in full at the time of service (credit cards accepted), and file claims for reimbursement after the service is provided. My office assists by providing diagnosis and billing codes for use by the patient or responsible party in filing claims after the office visit service is provided.

  • I do not accept Medicaid and Denali KidCare.

  • I do not accept Medicare. I have opted out of the program. This means Medicare cannot pay for any services rendered by Alaska Psychiatric Concepts.

Other comments: Currently providing telehealth sessions. 


Address: P.O. Box 210411 Auke Bay, AK 99821 (Office – 2239 Jordan Avenue)

Phone: (907) 789-3800

Fax: (907) 789-2402

Email: (email is for info only, not scheduling an appointment or providing treatment)

Douglas Smith, MD


Accepting new patients?



Specializes in serving Veterans? 

Offers substance use recovery services? 

Modalities and training: 

Insurance and payment details:

Other comments: 

Address: 415 6th Street, Suite G16, Juneau, AK 99801 (in the St. Anne’s Center)

Phone: (907) 523-8120 ; (907) 789-2855

Fax: 866-397-5659


Paul Topol, MD | Southeast Psychiatry


Accepting new patients?

Serves: Adults; Adolescents

Specialties: ADHD; Depression/Mood Disorders; Anxiety/Phobias/OCD; Grief and Loss; Trauma and/or PTSD; Eating Disorders; Addiction Recovery; Co-dependency Issues; Life Coach

Specializes in serving Veterans? 

Offers substance use recovery services? Yes

Modalities and training: Behavior therapy; Cognitive therapy; Psychoanalytic approach; Dream work; Motivational Interviewing

Insurance and payment details: I can bill insurance, as I am a preferred provider with Premera Blue Cross. I accept Medicaid and Denali KidCare.

Other comments: 


Address: 2 Marine Way, Suite 204, Juneau, AK 99801

Phone: (907) 209-8962

Fax: (866) 581-8172


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